Xenophobia debacle

The irony though in this xenophobic attack debacle, is the FACT that government has failed in its own strategy in dealing with illegal immigrants, corruption of its own officials as well as the crime pandemic especially the drug issue we are now crying foul about.

Why haven’t you South Africans gone to protest at your local police stations country-wide of their incompetence to eradicate foreigners you claim are here illegally?

Why haven’t you South Africans gone to burn down police buildings in your anger because they take bribes from foreigners allowing them to continue selling drugs to your children? The irony is that your kids find the drugs so openly yet your local police have issues nabbing the culprits …

Why haven’t you actually held your government accountable because your government is actually failing you?

You are hurting people who have permission to do all the things they do because your government and it’s officials give them that permission. 

Your sorting out is with the wrong people …

By Shireen Ramjoo

Image: James Oatway/REX Shutterstock

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