With blunder and thunder … Election 2019 is here

Between all the serious discussions, promises, insults and riots, one should see the humour in the organised chaos of the elections.

Magenta (a component of the colour red) is notorious to change colour in the sun. Coca Cola got it right and maybe the EFF/Malema can use some of the disputed tax money to get his colour fixed for the next elections! ‘Son of the soil’ – and when will women feature??

After months of mud-slinging and court cases within the DA, Aunty Pat is leader of her own party again – The Good Party. The three women looking into the sunset could just as well have been the last scene in a Clint Eastwood, Wild West movie. 

The DA themselves promise the moon and the earth to voters – including getting rid of corruption. Will this DA poster of Maimane hanging next to a live electrical wire be their first challenge? … They had to get their loose cannon, Helen Zille, as well as retired and respected Tony Leon (out of moth balls) to fight their corner.

Then dearest Chief Buthelezi on the IFP poster assuring voters with, ‘Trust Us’. Doesn’t the saying go something like: ‘Never trust a politician’ #justsaying

And the ANC had the country in stitches with the spelling mistake on their PE Billboard. Should it have been “Tougher” (to put up with rampant corruption?) or “Together” (to jump on the gravy train?) …

The newest party, South African Capitalist Party (ZACP) (not to be confused … change the S to a Z and you go from Communist (SACP) to Capitalist (ZACP) – how apt), also known as the ‘Purple Cow’ who present their own tongue-in-cheek, positive disruptive humour to voters.By Tannie Sannie #SêMaarNet

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