When there is smoke where are the mirrors?

Employers – from SMEs to multi-nationals, the companies providing employment will always be under scrutiny and frequently, subject to harsh criticism. As South Africans wait with baited breath for the floodgates to open regarding ending corruption in State Owned Enterprises, and after the alarming revelations at Steinhoff, one of our opinion pieces this month, Jumping ship, refers to Naspers a multi-national company that is moving its primary listing to Holland. But bigger issues of disinvestment and the effect on the South African economy are also raised.

A slightly different point of view is found in Street cred. Picture a young girl in the 1980’s who wanted roller skates for her birthday. Instead, her dad bought her equity in a listed company. The company was Naspers, and the girl is now CEO of Naspers South Africa tasked with piloting a R1.4 billion project to boost the local technology sector as well as Naspers Labs, an initiative aimed at developing skills and talent of SA’s unemployed youth. Good luck Phuthi Mahanyele-Debengwa – we wish you every success!

To catch a dragonmay sound a fanciful title, but inspired by the UK TV series Dragon’s Den, this opinionista talks to all entrepreneurs who could – and perhaps should – be eyeing the African continent for market expansion.

Truck drivers are our Highway Heroes, working incredibly long hours, travelling many kilometres but they are also challenged by highjacking, not to mention the riots seen at toll gates. They keep the wheels of the economy ticking over and deserve respect and consideration.

Smoke and mirrorsin Zimbabwe – unravelling agendas and motivations not always evident on the surface of things is complicated and confusing. Meanwhile, Corruption Watch is tackling Corruption in Uniform– something we should all get behind!

The hills are alive– as with the Swiss democracy – with the hope SA can learn from other democracies and truly implement good governance. All it takes is ending corruption, reversing state capture and good, ethical governance.

Then the Double sided coin, or should we Let go and let God? A timely reminder to focus on what is important and build from there.

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