Vicious circle

It is difficult for most graduates to find employment because a lot of companies require experience. I feel that this is something that increases the rate of unemployment in our country because how do you get work experience when you have never worked?

A lot of people will advise you to volunteer (which I have done to no benefit), then apply for a job. However, it is a financial problem for graduates who are from poor backgrounds because they’ll need funding to complete their volunteering period.

It would be better if universities partnered with companies which they send their graduates to for work experience immediately after completing their studies. I know that certain professions do this already, but it would be perfect if all areas of study offered this immediate experience opportunity.

If companies would hire graduates who do not have work experience it means we will be fighting unemployment. Also, people who were funded by government for their studies would be able to pay back the money which will then fund other students who may need funding. If government continues to fund people, but doesn’t help them find employment, it means we won’t have the ability to fund other needy people in future because nobody will have the means of paying back NFSAS.

By Mario Molapo

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