Unite Africa!

I still worry about Africa: We are slaves to western and eastern brands and we do not cherish and love our own.

We are not even in charge of our economies because we depend heavily on what happens in the East or West. Worse yet, we still judge each other based on skin colour. For example, those from Northern Africa and even some from East Africa believe that they are not Africans and they do not integrate with darker Africans.

Sadly, after several centuries, we are still being victimised by other races from other continents: judged on the colour of our skin.

Xenophobia still lingers. Some have the cold heart to kill their own black African brothers and sisters although the people who owe them reparation and economic freedom are originally from western (colonising) countries.

We still are held captive by our governments. There are politicians from all ideologies who abuse our resources to feed their own greed at the expense our crumbling nations.

Why should we continue to suffer when we can apply Pan Africanism to rise above? Sadly we do not because we are not united. Africa must unite to solve its problems.

By Tare Munzara

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