Thuma wena

I come to you with a very heavy heart, a deep sense of remorse and dire shame. Mr President I suggest to you that we as a people, as country we have we have reached a point of no return. Re mo mathateng. We owe the continent and the world an apology, and a clear decisive action plan to deal with the issue of human rights violations against our fellow Africans. I ask you, as a father, a man and a human being, what is our course of action to address the attacks that have been going on in our country? What should I do? What should my fellow young people do to enable you to ensure we deal with this, with the most effective and decisive manner?

Our people have embarrassed the nation. This disgusting breakout is not one where we talk about condemning but one we show action on. Surely we cannot have people amongst us who wake up and attack other humans, regardless of the circumstances. It is completely unacceptable. I ask with tears in my eyes, what are you doing about this? What is the African National Congress doing about this? What are the Democratic Alliance, the Economic Freedom Fighters and many other political parties doing to repair the damage we are causing to the continent. The fact that these acts continue to happen, days after they began, is clear demonstration that we have a huge and unsettling gap in our law enforcement. You came at us when you took over the country with a ‘Thuma Mina’ philosophy, now is the time for you to act in accordance with your own philosophy. I beseech you, to approach this with a decisive and stern manner, to act as father, a leader and a citizen of the continent who has authority and power to deal with this breakout. Your house is in turmoil sir, restore order.

Mr President, I maintain we owe the continent an apology. We owe South Africans remedial action, to address the illness that we have of taking such actions. Mr President, if there was a time for you to shut down the country and galvanize people to rally behind the basic human sense of decency and compassion, it is now. I come to you as young person in South Africa, worried about the history we are creating, that will live with us forever. I can’t imagine you want to look back and have this in your record. What I ask from you dear President is action, not words.

You have invited guests into your house, and they are exposed to our illness. How do we imagine they will view us? We have women dying for being women. My God, this is beyond a point of return. This is the time when ‘Thuma Mina’ should come into play. How do we move forward with this as a possibility in our country? How do we face the world, invite them over while we have a house that is in complete disarray? I ask that in this moment, in this national crisis, we forgo political structures and processes, and align with one another to effectively eliminate acts of criminality.

Mr President, Ntate Ramaphosa help! Thusa.

By Fred-Arthur Fish

Image: Max Security

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