Think! Don’t drink

South Africa is known for two things: (1) The highest HIV infection in the world. (2) The second highest alcohol consumption  in the world. 

Drunkards are sexually immoral. Drunkards are vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Drunkards always find themselves in situations that they can’t explain. The more you drink the less you think. 

Alcohol is one of the greatest reputation destroyers. If you ask people to tell you what they regret the most, most of the scandals they will tell you happened when they were drunk. Sometimes when you are too drunk you become unconscious. You can do certain things without being aware. Drunkards always finds themselves in wrong places doing things that they can’t even think about when they are sober. 

I hate alcohol with passion. When I see alcohol I feel like vomiting.

By Kingsley Nkwatse

Image by rebcenter moscow/pixabay

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