The ANC Violate All That is Sacred

The venerable Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa wrote ‘My People’ in 1969 – a truly inspiring work everyone should read. 

Looking for ideas on how black South Africans can change our destiny? Clearly knowing ourselves is critical to creating a healthy, productive, stable, safe and progressive environment for all.

We must accept that it is the ‘selfish, rich and corrupt Bantu’ who undermine our ability to rebuild our infrastructure, improve service delivery and ‘advance’ as a nation. 

When we come to grips with our nature, we can then determine the precise methods used to advance ourselves, in a way that feels natural to us.

The ANC do not treat their function as sacred and are a violation of all that comes natural to Africans – that is why deep down we feel this ‘self-doubt’ about where the ANC will take us.

Credo Mutwa might be called a traitor by those dishonest ‘Bantu officials’ who now lead us in the ANC – but the truth is known to all our people.

South Africa must be liberated again, this time from the men who violate our trust, and take us down the unnatural path which does not resonate with those Africans who are true of heart, mind and soul. 

By Siyanda M Maphalala 

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