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Silent struggle

We don’t tell you about the day our cars were repossessed by the bank.

We don’t tell you about the days we go hungry.

We don’t tell you when our lights are switched off by the municipality.

We don’t tell you about the invoices that are not paid.

We don’t tell you about our businesses that fails.

We don’t tell you about the tension entrepreneurship brings in a romantic relationship.

We don’t tell about the lack of support from people closest to us.

We don’t talk about dying inside while looking fearless on the outside.

We go through a lot but we keep smiling with a hope that our efforts will change our African Continent and the world. 

As entrepreneurs, we need to inform our people of the struggle we go through so that they will be better prepared.

At the end of the day, whatever happens,


By Zonkezakhe Mahlangu 

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