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Media in South Africa needs to understand the influence of media on our people. If one takes a proper look at what is currently happening in our country, you will notice how the media falsely communicated what was happening in Tshwane. As Thabo Mbeki said, the fight was against crime (drug dealing) which ended up with one taxi driver being killed. But most media companies said it was a xenophobic attack on our fellow Africans, which sparked fear and outrage in Mzansi.

One cannot be xenophobic about fighting crime – because crime is growing day by day in our country, and definitely not only because of foreign nationals. Some African presidents boycotted a recent conference in Cape Town, which further sparked fighting in SA. Instead of meeting our president and holding joint press conferences in an attempt to cool the situation, they took their unhappiness to the same media which always spices up the stories.

My own opinion is that our government underestimated the issue because it was a taxi driver. If it had been a policeman who was killed, we would have seen their famous 72 hours deadline to find the culprit and this would have avoided what happened in our country.

I am one just South African sharing his own views.

By Venter De Solsa Ntuli

Image credit: Photo by AbsolutVision/Unsplash

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