Say ‘No’ from the get go

So it’s late and even though I had dinner less than two hours ago I’m absolutely starving. That’s not a very good thing when you’re planning to work through the night (student life), so I decide to go to the shop to buy chips.

I check the time and I have 20 minutes to get the before they close so I leave after realising if I wait for Mbali to respond to me I’ll find myself crying over spilled milk for the night so I walk by myself.

I get to the shop and buy and get my chips (they are some of the best chips in town for real). As I spice my chips and add sauces I manage to breathe some of the spice and it irritates my nose, but I ignore this till I’m done then I walk out the shop.

As I come out I’m irritated and am sniffing seriously and rubbing my nose as I walk and this random guy says to me ‘Here take another hit’ I look at him and he has a small packet of something and I say ‘No’ and walk away as fast as I can. Yes I don’t know what was in that packet but it looked like the ones I’ve seen in movies containing drugs of sorts.

Such an interesting thing because I found myself thinking ‘so this is how they get new customers’, well lucky for me I’m not a junkie or user of any sort. But I find it is really sad because this reminded me of how many of my brothers and sisters are suffering from drug abuse every day, slaves to urges they can almost never hope to completely overcome unless they are lucky enough to hit rock bottom before it’s too late (or not). To think how easy it could be to get started on something you cannot just stop.

I may not know what makes people start drugs and I won’t judge but I will say that I really pray more and more people get to a point where they can say no from the get go and that that in itself will be a cause for a decrease in the number of people who get hooked so to say.

By Busisiwe Mashiane

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