Revolutionary to technocrat

The ANC was established as a revolutionary party for the sole purpose of overthrowing apartheid. They fought against apartheid by burning and destroying white owned property.  

On the other hand, the focus of white people before 1994 was industrialisation, wealth creation, urbanisation, infrastructure development, economic growth and job creation. What the ANC had to do after coming into power in 1994 was to transform the mind and identity of their party, from revolutionaries to technocrats. They were supposed to do exactly what the apartheid government had done, namely production, farming, industrialisation, wealth creation, economic growth and job creation. 

At this stage of our lives we don’t need revolutionaries, we need technocrats and visionaries. A visionary will assess the situation and come up with a plan of growth and development but the mind of a revolutionary is a mind that wants to fight against a certain group of people. That’s why every time they open their mouths they will tell you about apartheid. Simply because their minds have not transformed from fighting to building. They still burn and destroy property because their minds have not been transformed from destroying to creating. TRANSFORMATION is the missing piece of the puzzle.

By Kingsley Nkwatse 

Image: 123RF.com

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