Relationship dynamics

I had such an insightful chat about relationship dynamics with one of my guy friends. He said something so eye-opening not only did it make sense but highlighted that at times we need to read the bible more in order to understand why things are the way they are sometimes.

He asked me one simple question: “Before God created a woman, what did he do first”?

Me: “He created heaven and earth, then he created a man and from his rib he created a woman”.

Him: “Exactly, he could’ve created a woman first, then a man then heaven and earth but he only created a woman AFTER he prepared a fruitful garden and her duty was to be a helper to the man correct”?

Me: “Yes, ok where are you going with this”?

Him: “My point is that women are created to thrive in places that are already prepared for them (Genesis 1) so that she is able to execute her duty to assist. You women do not realise how powerful beyond measure you are, you are already equipped. You are born equipped – a practical example is conceiving a baby: a sperm is just a sperm until you fuse your egg and give it life. A house is just a house until a woman makes it a home. Give a good woman R15 and you will have a meal to eat – I can go on and on … women are queens and truth is we men need yal, but as men we need to work hard and prepare a garden for you, it makes no sense bringing a woman into unprepared situations”.


By Nthabiseng Radikariki

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