Power of unity will hold us together

I have learnt that the biggest damage to our country and the world is caused by complaining without taking action. I have learnt that domination for wrong reasons by the few also starts as a dream and the majority let this happen through giving up the power of unity. We have more kind people who are kind even in situations that require them to stand up, not with violence but with unity to at least protect their right of humanity.

I have learnt that kindness is being used as a weapon against the very same kind people. The very same people who reflect a sense of humanity. Man-made divisions have blinded us not to see and exercise the power of unity. No leader can take decisions that favour us entirely without our involvement. Many of us stand with folded arms, yet are very quick to crucify leaders under the umbrella of their imperfection. And surprisingly those who fuel racial tensions and economic injustice are let off the hook. Sometimes leaders are challenged to take decisions based on what is better when considering the long term, in the absence of nothing better for that particular time.

My belief is that we will not realise and enjoy the beauty of our beloved country and the world, as long as we are waiting for the situation to favour us before we do what is right instead of doing what is right until the situation favours us. Some are accepting the deterioration of service delivery because they already accepted failure as normal.

We have reached a stage where so many of us find comfort in criticising without any intention to solve. We have turned against ourselves and our justification defense is that the world has turned against us.

By Vusi Jiyana

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