Mzanzi is fed up with corruption and all the … that goes with it. Corruption Watch launched an awareness campaign for greater transparency, merit-based criteria and public participation in the appointment of key leadership positions. Visit the link in the article and complete the survey – be an Active Citizen.

The ConCourt ruled that spanking your child at home is against the law. Is this Euro-Western epistemic imperialism, which undermines African indigenous knowledge and the indigenous way of life, or is it a way of protecting our children from physical abuse?

Is the media feeding wrong information to the people? Or is it the people who are feeding wrong info to one another? Who spreads fake news? Send in your views on this? 

Many entrepreneurs are being critised by graduates for falling out of the educational system but isn’t entrepreneurship the way forward in an unsure economy? In Dear Entrepreneur valuable tips are given to entrepreneurs – big and small. 

Gift of the Givers are drilling hundreds of boreholes in the Karoo and towns where dams and taps have run dry and tens of thousands of animals died. Are you, like Trump, ‘not a big fan of global warming’ or are you doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Photos of the recent Global Climate Strikes gives one the growing sense of urgency. 

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