Of instinct and angels

During load shedding last week, I was sitting in the lounge with my husband and we could hear a baby crying from the beach.

Slowly the crying came closer and closer until I could hear this child coming down the street. Its pitch black and one can only, slightly, see figures walking in the road.

I told my husband that I was going to investigate and see if I could help. Thoughts run through your head, had the mother been raped?

We had in the meantime notified our security company who said they would respond.

I switched on my cell phone torch and ran to our main gate, my husband shouting after me to leave it, the security company would sort it out.

Motherly instinct clicks in and I rush to the gate shouting, ‘Can I help you!’ No reply from the figures walking down the road, I was about to press the remote to open the gate, the dogs were going crazy!

I don’t know what stopped me, but my finger froze, I couldn’t push the remote button.

The figures with the crying baby disappeared in the darkness.

A few minutes later we saw the response vehicle racing down the road.

I was tormented and hysterical worrying what was wrong with the poor child.

About 10 minutes later we received a message from our security company, our guardian angel had come across four suspects down the road, all with pangas and guns, their cell phone playing a haunting sound of a baby crying. They all approached his vehicle with the pangas raised, he fired a warning shot and they disappeared into the night.

When I heard this I was besides myself, what would have happened if I had opened the gate, this has been haunting me for the last week! WHAT IF??

Let this be a warning to everyone!

I have to thank you Eugene and Tanya – you are incredible human beings.

By Carolina Kati Choles

Image created by élan Concepts

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