Nkandla? #Wakanda

Every single Nguni in South Africa is a landless opportunist!

Why would you travel to a place for economic opportunity, then later claim your land was stolen, when you opportunistically claimed it yourself? Why are the landless not protesting in Mali, Algeria, Nigeria or Egypt?

If you truly understood our forefathers history, then you will realise your land claims need to be at a further northern latitude.

You land opportunists show your ignorance of our black history, and you cheapen our heritage with your false claims.

You would gain more credibility if you said, ‘please give us land to help grow food’, or ‘please give our people a larger percentage of the profits the ANC make on mineral rights’, or ‘turn over all the state-owned vacant land’.

Anyone of clear mind can see the large disparity in land ownership, and understand that land reform should occur, but to base the reform on the premise it was ‘stolen’ is a false and foolish narrative.

You would gain more credibility if you voted for black leaders who actually elevate our people. Withhold your vote from politicians who marginalise and defraud them – as is the unfortunate reality of the incompetent and corrupt rule of the ANC.

Your claim that ‘land was stolen’ shows your ignorance and reveals your insidious tribal intentions, which have nothing to do with economic freedom for our people.

Your inability to see how much ‘unused land’ our corrupt ANC leaders hide behind their gravy-train curtains is very telling … while you flounder in ridiculously misguided and adolescent rhetoric.

Do we really have to destroy our country over a ‘false narrative’ in order to build our own 21stCentury Wakanda?”

By Victor MosehlaImage by Corruption Watch

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