2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards 2019

The Stacey Fru Foundation hosted 59 nominees and winners from Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other provinces of South Africa during the 2nd Annual AfrICAN Children of The Year Awards (ACOTYA) 2019 to celebrate Universal children’s Day

The Awards custodian, now 12-year-old Stacey Fru planned this event in order to join the United Nations and particularly UNICEF in celebrating Children. This year’s awards ceremony coincided with the commemoration of the 30-year anniversary on the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Stacey says, ‘these awards hold strong significance for me as I love to celebrate others. I have also closely watched the 2018 nominees and winners transform as individuals and in their works. Thanks to team The Stacey Fru Foundation, all partners, sponsors and parents.’

These awards recognise the amount of impact that children have created in their communities as a result on the individual achievements. ‘The most important winning criteria is not what the child does, but how far the child has touched lives with what they do,’ one of the judges said. All four judges looked for how children have used their abilities to change lives.

Stacey insists that in order for children to do well, every adult has to be involved. She requests grown-ups to; ‘Help an African child anywhere in the world say, I CAN’. 

A judging process saw all children rewarded with certificates while winners received trophies. 

The following children won in each category;

  • Arts and Culture, won by 11 year-old Shanah Manjeru from Kenya.
  • Education and Skills Development, won by 11 year-old Sibahle Zwane from Johannesburg
  • Leadership, won by 9 year-old, Relebogile Mothema from Johannesburg
  • Philanthropy, won by 13 year-old Jed Kagan from Cape Town
  • Community Development, won by 12 year-old Deante Swart from Durban
  • Motivational/ Personal Development, won by 12 year-old Mphumzi Capa from Johannesburg
  • Sports and Recreation, won by 10 year-old Oratilwe Phiri  from Johannesburg
  • Safety and Security, won by 13 year-old Njabulo Zulu from Pretoria
  • Entrepreneurship, won by 8 year-old Dainon John Van Wyk from Johannesburg
  • Special Mention, won by 14 year-old Londeka Ndwandwe from Johannesburg

The Awards

The Annual AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards is the most important initiative of The Stacey Fru Foundation. During the Awards Ceremony, The Stacey Fru Foundation and its partners recognise children ages between 7 to 13 across Africa, who are contributing positively to their community, country and the continent, in a bid to glorify African gifts, but promote Africa to Africans as a continent of choice. The first ceremony was held in November 2018 months after the Awards Custodian, Stacey Fru, dedicated a portion of her life to promote and celebrate children from Cape to Cairo. The awards have been well received by parents, public and partners.

About The Stacey Fru Foundation (SFF)

The Stacey Fru Foundation is an initiative which arose out of Stacey’s zeal to empower and encourage children and adults alike to learn how to read and write. Amongst other things, the Foundation supports Stacey’s vision of motivating and empowering through many initiatives, including creating partnerships that aim at Elevating the African Child, buying her books and donating them to schools, institutions and libraries and seeking pledges and donations that enable her to travel to schools in rural areas and/or transport rural children to the cities for specific Foundation activities.

Vision: ‘Growing up, growing minds’Value: Impacting the bestGoal: Educate to bring out the oneness of Africa, as children grow and reach their full potential in their personal life as well as their communities and future businesses.

About the Foundation Owner and Award Custodian

At age 7, Stacey was the youngest writer on the continent, if not the world. Over the years, she has positioned herself as the bestselling international multiple award-winning author of chapter books, international figure, philanthropist, mentor/coach, public speaker, talk show host/interviewer, chair/facilitator, ambassador and public speaker. Through her foundation, Stacey gives to underprivileged and inaccessible children in forms of books, clothing, computers, foods, learning sessions, etc. Among her many education projects, Stacey uses her online television channel @CTVSA to educate children and adults alike about the African continent and the world. 

Books by Stacey Fru include:
– Smelly Cats, 9781530830794, (Published in 2015),
– Bob and the Snake, 9780620718721, (Published in 2016),
– Smelly Cats on Vacation, 9780620654906, (Published in 2018)
– Where is Tammy (Published in 2019)
– Tim’s Answer (Published in 2019). 

See more works and projects of both Stacey and her foundation on all social media @staceyfru. Contact: +27 82 548 6385 Victorine (Publisher/Mom) or +27 84 814 7292/ +27 11 440 7501 (Dorcas) The Stacey Fru Foundation,

Foundation’s Current Projects

‘African Book a Child Campaign’ makes books by African authors or books about Africa available to under privilege children in rural areas in South Africa. Stacey’s commitment is motivated by her worries that many African children do not know about, let alone celebrate African writers. 

‘Know Your Countries’ is a campaign of the Foundation in whichStacey is committed to educate African children on Africanism. She uses her online television channel, CTVSA to profile various countries. Stacey’s passion for Africa saw her committed to profiling Africa countries.

‘Children Television South Africa (CTVSA)’ Stacey is founder and main host of this online television. See for the work she does.

‘Safety and Security Campaign for Children by a Child’ Stacey is on a self-empowered journey to sensitise children and adults alike on the importance of safety through a play written and directed by herself and her talks.

‘Reading and Writing for All’ This campaign is about education. Stacey uses both her skills and experiences to encourages children and adults. During her visit to underprivileged schools, centres, events, etc. Stacey gives out writing pads to encourages others write their stories.

‘AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards’ is as of now the biggest long-term project that will stretch Stacey’s vision for The Stacey Fru Foundation. Yearly, in November, the Foundation and its partners will recognise African children ages 7 to 13 who are contributing positively to their community, country and the continent, in a bit to glorify Africa and to promote Africa. The first ceremony was in November 2018. 

How to get Involved with the Foundation

  • Sponsor a project
  • Bless a child with an African Book or Stacey’s books
  • Sponsor books in a school library
  • Encourage your network to Support Stacey Fru’s Campaigns
  • Donate valuables to Stacey Fru Foundation or transport to take Stacey to rural areas 
  • Donate money by asking for Banking Details

Want to Drop off your Donation? Call 011 440 7501

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