M&M Maimane & Malema – not so sweet

It was embarrassing and disappointing to see Mmusi Maimane running around, drawing media attention to himself, whining about how our police are weak in the face of xenophobic attacks, and solely blaming the insurgency purely on South African nationals, calling them criminals. Did he equally condemn foreigners who attacked our police in Tshwane and Jo’burg?

All what Maimane presented to the police, was a list of demands. It is just hogwash and nonsensical jumble!

Maimane knows very well his party’s policy concerning border control, which was a main focus in the election campaign. But in his useless speech, he never touched on the illegal immigration issue, which is the root cause of these xenophobic insurgencies.

How can the police cope with crime, while we have millions of undocumented illegal immigrants, daily crossing into our country?

Not once did Maimane make a call for measures to secure our borders, as per his party policy mandate. He is only whining about how inadequate our police are.

Maimane is fast losing any relevance, just like Malema. Malema blames white people as the source of these xenophobic attacks, while Maimane blames black South Africans.

Neither of these two opposition leaders, acknowledged the problems faced by South Africans, that includes drugs peddled by foreign nationals in their cities and communities.

It’s because neither of them are affected by all these problems. They live in gated and secured communities and have 24-hours body guards. Their children are not affected by drugs that are affecting our youths in our communities and forced prostitution carried out by these drug lords on our young girls.

Our grievances are dismissed outright without any hearing from them.

As the Nigerian President Mohamad Buhari acknowledged that some of his countrymen have been a problem in their host countries. These leaders want to play brotherly love games and shifting blame to appear as politically correct.

Our plea to our leaders is simple. Secure our borders, stop illegal immigrants from coming into our country to fight for the limited resources with unemployed South Africans and stop the flows of drugs into our communities! All these grievances are the true source of these xenophobic insurgencies … and they know it too.

By Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo

Image by Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

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