Medicinal Cannabis trial

Donald Abrams (middle) with traditional healers in the Western Cape. 

It is important to note that traditional healers have known about cannabis & cancer care for much longer than anybody. Certainly before the invention of chemotherapy. African Bushdoctorz have been anaffiliate organisation of Fields of Green for ALLfor a long time and the elders’ knowledge must be respected in South Africa – especially when it comes to cancer and the fact that research is very western-centric.

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In order to offer South Africa a world class Trial of the Plant, we have called Cannabis expert witnesses, both local and international, to give evidence at the Pretoria High Court. The Trial of the Plant started on 31 July 2017 and continued for 13 court days until we ran out of time and the trial was postponed sine die (until further notice). Fields of Green for ALL is grateful for the experts’ time and for the financial support we have received in order to make this possible.

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