Malema’s reaction to Trump’s tweet is uncalled for and out of order

In an address at his party headquarters, Malema went on a rant in reaction to Donald Trump’s land expropriation tweet, saying (among other things) ‘We are not scared of you and your USA or Western imperial forces’ in a call for war. Malema is not a sitting president of this country to call for war against another sovereign country nor is he a representative of the South African government to answer directly the Head of a sovereign State as this is the sole duty of a South African foreign ministry or President.

What does he think his EFF red overall gangs will do against the USA if it came to war? More importantly, the Malema rant could also jeopardise the crucial African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade partnership with the US, which generates billions of dollars for our country. There are 78 US firms in SA that directly employ 70 000 South Africans and indirectly another 75 000.

Through the AGOA agreement African countries can export duty free to the US. SA exports more manufactured products to the US under AGOA than any other African country. Our exports to the US valued at 8,6 to 11 billion dollars with our car manufacturing and agricultural products being the largest exports to the US, followed by mining products and machinery, making the US an important trading partner of our country that generates jobs for our people. If sanctions were to be imposed on SA, Malema and his merry band of EFF followers and their ANC surrogates will be the first to flee the country with their loot and leave us all starving and helpless.

We need a better and informed approach to our relationship with the US and we don’t need a leader of a minority Maoist Marxist party to dictate policy on behalf of the country. Malema doesn’t speak for me…certainly not for the majority of this country. His rants against the US government must be treated as just another hot air coming from this red beret clown!

By Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo

Photo by Ashraf Hendricks/Groundup

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