Loving me

Loving what we do not know surely is a flaw we all have as humans I think. Longing can be a very dangerous emotion, one powerful enough to build and destroy all in the same breath. We lose what we have not learnt to hold dear to our hearts for that which piques our imaginations, even when it is not good for us or rather because it is not.

When we fall in love we connect with a part of ourselves which is so pure it has the power to build our very own universe but only if its true. When we fall in love with ourselves we unlock that power which exists within us and only then are we able to effectively build that universe which allows us to better contribute to building our world. I’m learning what it means to fall in love with me and every time I find myself wishing I was someone else or just a different version of me, I remind myself that I exist as is for a reason, flaws and all. I may not know now nor ever what that reason is and I’m learning to be okay with that, as hard as that is. But I guess there’s a reason why faith exists – to assure us that even when we know not of it, a reason does exist.

By Busisiwe Mashiane

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