Looking down the periscope

During his SONA speech recently, Ramaphosa spoke glowingly of his dream of building a new City, with bulging sky scrappers and bullet trains, drawing his inspiration from China’s President Xi Jingpin plans of rebuilding the Capital Beijing, amidst China’s infrastructure boom.

There is nothing bad about dreaming big, and undertaking such infrastructure projects, but under the corrupt ANC regime, such projects are unfeasible.

As it stands, the infrastructure of our existing cities, have but collapsed and have become rat-infested, stinking cesspools, with grime, crime and over population the biggest challenges so far.

Why doesn’t Ramaphosa first start with the promise he made to the people of Alexandra, to build them 1 million houses, before even dreaming about a new city?

Why not aspire to eradicate squatter camps around the country, and improve the living conditions of every citizen of the country?

One couldn’t imagine the corruption that will engulf such a project to build a new city under the ANC regime, where tender irregularities will be the order of the day, with cadres all vying for the piece of the pie!

The other thing that Ramaphosa has not taken into account, is that as much as he is inspired by Xi Jingpin, the latter is intolerable of corruption of government officials, which has been the hallmark of the ANC, for the past 25 years!

Under Xi in his quest to eradicate corruption in his government, deputy mayor of Luliang city, Zhang Zhongsheng, became the first official to be executed after embezzling £120 million,.

Contrast that with the corrupt ANC regime, which rewards its corrupt officials and shields them from prosecution. The return to parliament of corrupt former ministers like Msebenzi Zwane, Faith Muthambi, Supra Mohumapelo and others, shows that Ramaphosa is not serious at all about tackling corruption.

His dream of a New City, is just a pipe dream, if not a wet dream!

By Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo

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