Local shops biggest regulation disaster

A consumer protection expert acknowledged on Talk Radio 702 that the department has been picking up issues of fake and expired food on social media and they make follow-up investigations accordingly. Why is it that consumers pick up these wide-spread problems and not inspectors and industry experts? How long did it take for ordinary people to realise the side effects of this food? How many got ill or died?

I also wonder why big corporates are quiet when their registered and protected brands are fraudulently and freely copied for profit?

I am shocked by inspectors who have been visiting various local shops together with the law enforcement officers and removing unfit consumer products from the shelves without any consequences to the shop owners. This was a pure distraction of the law by the law enforcement officers.

If selling fake and expired products is a crime why shop owners are not arrested? Why do inspectors remove and destroy those products? Isn’t that destroying evidence? Why make public statements in the media if there is no provision to deal with it appropriately?

People are taking matters to their own hands because they see no decisive actions being taken to prevent this crime against humanity. People are being fed poison everyday and are still expected to behave normally? What if the effect of the very same poison makes people behave abnormally – since no-one seems to know the details of the effects? But why are people being fed poison?

People are hungry and they are living on the edge of survival. Given the gravity of contaminated food supplies, the criminal effect is always going to be there. During the listeriosis crisis, people scavenged in dustbins searching for the very same products that are known to be dangerous and could kill them. The sad reality is that, with unbearably high unemployment, survival is about each day. There seems to be no hope for a better, more promising future. People are becoming dangerous to themselves and others because they are poor and have nothing to loose. Ungovernable actions demonstrate this very clearly.

Government’s weakness is exposed. Regulations across industries have to be strengthened because people are being ripped-off and their health and even their lives could be at stake. People are complaining about specific industries but their voices continue to be flushed down the drain. Concerned citizens cannot continue doing business as usual while unscrupulous vendors cut corners for profit with no regard for health and safety. With little or no proactive involvement by inspectors, law makers and government, results are unpredictable at best – at worst, potentially fateful.

By Vusi Jiyana

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