Let Go & Let God

Sometimes in your life journey, you got to just LET GO & LET GOD! What doesn’t serve your purpose any longer should not take any preference in your life.

What creates hurt, instability and chaos in your life doesn’t deserve to be in it in the first place.

There is no perfect life, even though many are fooled into thinking others have it.

We are all trying to attain certain life goals and constantly seek other attainments, as we constantly trying to remodify ourselves.

People who are gossips will always find themselves only in those circles.

People who are attention seekers will find themselves only in those circles …

Others don’t have the time of day, to give anything relating to your opinion any importance in their lives … You are not that important anyway.

Live your life for what makes YOU happy and content … Let others focus on their own. It’s their choice to choose whatever they see fit for their own being. Just remember their opinions don’t matter …

By Shireen Ramjoo

Image created by élan Concepts

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