June Editorial

The voting population of Mzanzi have got over the euphoria or disappointment of the 2019 Election. Focus is shifting to the President at the helm of a party leadership that appears divided with a section of these leaders actively working to undermine his administration – reflecting in no small measure, the true (divided) state of our nation. 

So did you vote for a party or a president? And is our president – whether you voted for the party or not – Cyril Ramaphosa, the president to lead us into a new future? (Brinkmanship)

The South African Human Rights Commission is dabbling in a debate whether or not old to ban South African flag. Will banning a defunct flag put food on the table of the poor? (Flag : Flame : Food?) Are there not more important Human Rights issues to address? 

While the FF Plus still can’t understand what is wrong with using Verwoerd’s name, their myopic world view seems to have found favour as their popularity soared (#Mlungu When white is right … wing) in election results. 

The Seriti Commission decided there was no fraud and corruption in the Arms-gate. As any recovering addict will know, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – so will president Ramaphosa be able to cut out the rot when this level of laughable denial is prevalent?

We have an interesting opinion that Trump as the global economic disruptor is what we have been waiting for (Checkmate or Stalemate?).Are the developing countries that are suffering because of disinvestment really better off welcoming the next wave of colonisers: China and Russia?

Crypto currency supporters are excited about the technical developments underlying crypto currencies. Apparently new ‘fundamentals’ are in place in preparation for the next a bull run (Two bulls for one bear).From 2017 highs of $20 000 to 2017 lows of $3 300, punters need a strong stomach to dip into this market.

In yet another expose of the dismal state of healthcare, we feature a very personal story of someone who survived unsympathetic and callous treatment at the hands of healthcare professionals, but who was able to hang onto the kindness of a few people who helped to take a next step in her life towards self-respect (Public Health DIS-service).

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