Judgment of hate

People from Rwanda and Congo are refugees in South Africa because of the consequences of hatred and division in their countries. If you really know the suffering caused by civil war, you would never support any man who preaches division and hatred. 

Unity has always been and will always be the best thing that can happen to any country. If all South Africans can decide to love each other and put hatred aside, some political parties will become irrelevant cos the only thing that makes them relevant is the belief that whites hate black people or blacks hate white people. 

They want to nourish and keep this believe alive because without it, they’ll automatically become irrelevant. I have never trusted or supported the judgment of hate because nothing good will ever come out of hate. Hate is narrow minded. I love reason, logic, facts and a broad narrative.

By Kingsley Nkwatse 

Image: Madison Yauger/Groundup

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