To his brothers Joseph was an annoying, irritating dreamer who deserved to be killed or sold off as a slave to foreign nations. To his father, he was someone with good potential.

To Pharaoh’s wife, he was a potential boyfriend or a sex slave. To his fellow prisoners, he was just a dream interpreter whom they forgot about after leaving prison.

To GOD, Joseph was a Prime Minister of Egypt in waiting. The most powerful person in the country after the king at that time. Egypt was the most powerful nation at that time.

This took years of his father noticing his dreams, his brothers doubting and hating him, people falsely accusing and jailing him. Prisoners forgetting about him after he helped them.

This is the same in life.

What you are going through is preparing you for great things to come. People will notice your potential but they won’t recognise it. Some will hate you for your dreams. Some will falsely accuse you. Others will forget that you once helped them.

Don’t despise your small beginnings. Hang in there. GOD has a plan for you. Remain faithful and do your part so that when that moment of Glory finds you, you will be ready.


By Zonkezakhe Mahlangu

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