It’s not all about you

‘IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU’ – says Thomas Sowell to all those misguided black South Africans who feel entitled to define their ‘inequality’ under apartheid as ‘slavery’ … it is overwhelmingly clear that black South Africans had it easy when comparing the horrendous suffering experienced by those who suffered under the truly wretched brutality of slavery.

Not to mention the rabbit-like birth rate that has been a primary factor in the cavernous inequality gap, and largely explains why the average low-income black family has continued to struggle to make ends meet … since every painful hour of their day is focused on eking out a living for their supersized families, and as a result barely subsisting … yes, this is the real struggle.

To make things worse, we have had a government that marginalises education and misuses public funds, and in addition ignores the rampant crime rate … the outcome clearly has been catastrophic for the future of the black child .

Strangely enough, few black South Africans are prepared to jeopardise their safety by publicly speaking out about the massive corruption and ‘drift from morality’ that has retarded the advancement of all South Africans. All this brought to us by the stench-filled ANC cabinet and their lackeys. (The list of murders of journalists and ‘unfortunate accidents’ that happen to those who speak out about the ANC government corruption and expose their coverups will surely grab your attention.)

The infantile and irresponsible behaviour of the ANC is a huge factor in the misguided sentiment of entitlement felt by struggling poor black families. Their twisted self-justification of their own petty crimes is their own selfish version of state looting. The insane amount of burglarising and stealing, demonstrates their own lazy version of self-determination where no accountability is required. Pure emulation of the political lackeys in charge.

While the piles of rubbish heap up in Alexander township, black South Africa’s anchor to reality steadily slips. You would think with all the unemployed in this stink-hole that a clean-up effort could be planned by residents so they wouldn’t have to defecate on their neighbours doorstep. All this as they ‘clench their jaws’ and still place their pathetic votes for the ANC who treat them worse than cheap pieces of ‘voting flesh’.

Sad, very sad.

Of course no one would ever look introspectively at why black South Africa is now neck deep in a shit-hole, just like our learners who choke on faeces in pit toilets. We frantically search for a fabricated reason for the suffering, like a third force to blame. This ignorance and cognitive dissonance is clearly dividing us at a time when we should be united. It’s almost laughable, in a sick twisted kind of way. 

[Sub-head]ANC Government induced inequality

There’s a fundamental problem that needs to be solved on a national scale before South Africa’s crime levels can be reduced: Government induced inequality.

Research shows that the massive corruption and ineptitude within the ANC is the primary contributor towards inequality and is arguably the single best indicator of whether a country will experience high or low levels of crime and violence.

Government induced inequality:

  • makes property crime more attractive and profitable;
  • drives frustration, hostility and hopelessness; and,
  • undermines trust, community engagement and the functioning of social and institutional structures.

South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world due to the horrific neglect, corruption, lies and thievery that permeates the African National Congress. All this takes valuable resources away from uplifting black South Africans and further increases inequality.

By Victor Mosehla

Image by Jason Stout/public domain photos

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