IT, Science and Biology

Unlike Bill Gates, my knowledge of Health and IT is very limited, and I am trying to make sense of the current situation without following untested theories. 

I am therefore asking those with knowledge to assist. I have few questions.

From the general knowledge perspective we know that viruses are made by people in order to sell anti-viruses. Does this necessarily mean that Bill Gates interests in health care signal a dangerous link of IT to science and biology?

Did technological advancement allow different types of virus, or perhaps offer heartless business opportunities to those who are highly intelligent?

How much money is being made from ARVs – and by whom? How much more money will be made from a Coronavirus Vaccine and other future vaccines for other future pandemics – and by whom?

What else can human beings do over and above the control of weather by geo-engineering and producing artificial rains?

I hope the information I am asking for is not classified!

By Vusi Jiyana

Image by Tumisu/Pixabay

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