I have a dream … for Africa

In Africa, we need a new generation of leadership:

  1. Leadership who will believe in Africa, invest in Africa and its people.
  2. Leadership who will unite Africa through trade, sharing of skills and expertise.
  3. Leadership who will fuel economic GROWTH by encouraging employment opportunities from sourcing raw material to producing final product.
  4. Leadership who will enforce one currency in Africa and one Afri-academic language across Africa.
  5. Leadership who will promote research and innovation.
  6. Leadership that is not greedy, driven by passion, commitment and objectives to develop Africa .
  7. Leadership that will understand that the life of Africans and those who live in Africa matters.
  8. Leadership who will make Africa an equal partner in the world, not a child.
  9. Leadership that is independent (not influenced by outside forces), courageous, accountable and smart.
  10. United leadership for Africa, not for themselves.
  11. Leadership with no foreign political master agenda.
  12. The Africa where no one dies from poverty, Africa that is free from civil, political and rebels wars. Africa that is free from its self-hatred. Africa that is free in its land, free from identity crisis, free from economic exclusion, free from racism and tribalism. An Africa that is not landless to its people. 
  13. The Africa that is self-sustainable, not relying on donors, IMF, World Bank and China.
  14. An Africa that is African and modern … an Africa that promotes African identity and all that is African. 

I dream of that Africa.


By Sthembiso Gumede 

Photo by Hu Chen/Unsplash

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