I DO NOT BELIEVE IN POLITICS ~ but how are we going to change things?

Join a party you can work with, and help change the face of our political systems.

Because political systems must fall as they currently stand in the hands of powerful men. Women find themselves sidelined, disabled, undermined and tokenised – treated like second-class citizens.

It is time to fight back.

Men want to declare wars on each other, treating women, children, animals, our natural environment and our planet as collateral damage.

We are tired of your wars men – the ones you wage on us and our children when you come home feeling frustrated and disempowered. The ones you wage on animals when you assert your cruel and unkind dominance over their bodies. The ones you wage on our clean water, air and soil systems in order to assert your dominance in the industrial/capitalist system that is killing our planet. The ones you wage on each other at the push of a button to indiscriminately wipe out everyone and everything in its path, just because you’re the leader of one country, and you don’t like the leader of another country.

We are sick to death of you men. Stop what you’re doing and figure out a way to support your mothers, sisters, partners, children, grandchildren, female colleagues and friends to build a world not steeped knee-deep in the blood-thirsty wars of toxic masculinity.

Stop breaking our world.


Let’s do this.

By Katty Vandenberghe

Image by Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

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