How Good Blacks Go Rogue, in Mzansi

We have watched, over the years, good black people becoming ‘anti-black’ by turning into praised servants of corrupt black-elite power. Many blacks can’t withstand the temptation of corruption, which firstly destroys their objectivity and secondly rebuilds them into poodles in service of corrupt black-elite power prevalent in the ANC. This essentially turns them ‘anti-black’, since the corruption is designed to divert money from the broader black population who really need it. When you steal money from the poor and suffering masses, I call you ‘anti-black’.

It must be stated that the former Public Protector, Adv Thuli Mandonsela has always been a champion of the average person. Some naysayers claim she had over time fallen into the subliminal conditioning regime of ‘white power’ which uses reward and punishment to condition you. The ANC say this is a method of choice used to ‘tame’ blacks, who are not under white influence, yes, the praise through the white owned media. This is a royal twisting of the facts – if the media is telling the truth, why call it ‘white media’? Does that mean that media selling false news is ‘black media’? How ludicrous to put a racial name to ‘information’ printed in newspapers and aired on TV. Is it truth or not, that is all we care about?

And this is where Adv Thuli Mandonsela comes in, she actually raised the bar to which the average person should fairly hold our corrupt leaders, showing a high degree of moral righteousness and adherence to the constitutional pillars that should be held high by African society. This earned her the name ‘clever black’ – given to her by the ANC elite whose empire of criminal excess she threatens, revealing their desperation to discredit her using offensive racial terms that invoke strong reactions.

Once they spot an advocate for the average poor black person, the ANC corrupt elite usually start with violent unfair criticism of these ‘clever blacks’. They show you how much power they have. They put you under constant pressure. They make bribes – if you hold strong to your principles, they project you as incompetent, corrupt and compromised. Every week they manufacture a story about you. They go into your past and dig. If they find nothing, they just go ahead and invent something which they thereafter repeat as if it’s the thruth. Then their political arm kicks in. They have their way with your name in the mud and gutter. They will threaten law suits or even institute some. It won’t matter that their aspersions are based on vexatious, spurious and vindictive allegations.

Such assault takes its toll. Then one act on your part that suggests support of ANC ‘hogwash’ will earn you great relief. They will praise you to the hilt. They will project you as the saviour we have been waiting for. They will gently, through excessive praise, prod you to go further and join the regime change faction led by black capitalists. Your office will be pressured to support the Cadres and their Cronies who are the bedfellows to help build black monopoly capital.

Before you know it, the seduction of black praise will have turned you into a blind defender of ANC corrupt black monopoly capital. You get hooked on black praise like a nyaope addict. You live for the next hit. The black owned press will be a generous dealer. For every move in defence of black monopoly capital, there will be oodles of black praise. They will disfigure your self-perception and you will be so high on black praise that you will start believing the lie.

Take the Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng. Many may have forgotten what avalanche of praise from the corrupt elements of the ANC followed his appointment. According to white media – Mogoeng was the devil incarnate, allegedly appointed by President Zuma to wreak havoc with the independence of the judiciary. Mogoeng decided to support us ‘average blacks’ instead. He is now high on ‘average black’ praise, low on ‘ANC corrupt black praise’ for a while now. We won the Chief Justice to the good side. He is a man covered in a warm loving black praise due to his strong moral compass.

Withstanding the charms of ‘ANC corrupt black monopoly capital praise’ is an almost impossible task.  It is aimed at trying to break you down. How long you will survive, only God knows. If you crack and give in, I won’t be surprised nor embittered. I have seen too many good blacks go rogue under the weight of ANC brutality driven by their media and other intimidation tactics. Today its worse – the alliance for corrupt black power runs across the full spectrum of the political field. Expect flat denial and diversion tactics from everyone including the ruling party leader who, in my opinion, is the devil incarnate and is condemning our people to a life of living hell.

When they fully break you, you have cars, fancy holidays, private schools, anything you ask for – all the corrupt political capital you would ever want. This is how they make askaris of good black people. Don’t underestimate them. They have a brilliant track record of converting good blacks into harmless poodles protecting this disease on our country called ‘ANC sponsored corruption’.

By Siyanda M. Maphalala

Photo by Ihsaan Haffejee/GroundUp

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