Hijack Prevention Guidelines

It has become increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles, with all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc.

These steps have resulted in a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings. The hijacker has the element of surprise and this is a concern. The increasing retrenchment and the high unemployment figures are also factors.

This is easy earned money and the already well-established syndicates will buy these vehicles from the hijacker.

Vehicle hijacking is an organised business, run according to business principles and based on thorough planning.

Specific vehicles with specific characteristics are ordered beforehand and efforts have to be made to meet the requirements of such orders. These vehicles will then be resold to the already predetermined buyer.

The hijacked vehicles that are not sold to buyers in South Africa, will be smuggled out of the country.

These vehicles will be sold in our neighbouring countries or trade, exchanged for drugs.

A large number of stolen and unlicensed firearms is also a concern. Most of these firearms are bought or supplied to the robbers by the syndicates. This easy access to firearms makes the robbery of a vehicle the easiest crime to commit and by far the quickest way of earning a few thousand rands.

It is obvious that vehicle hijackers are motivated by greed and an insatiable need for more and more comfort, rather than need. An insatiable hunger for power is another theme emerging in robbers. The power-base for the latter is presented by access to firearms. Possession of a firearm forces everybody to obey or else face the consequences. 

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