Highway Heroes and Road Safety

It is near impossible to imagine a world without trucks. The trucking industry keeps our economy on the move with our truck drivers navigating their large vehicles, sharing roads with an often less responsible motoring public.

On the Arrive Alive website, we emphasize the importance of all road users to share roads with kindness and courtesy to each other.

Many of us are aware only of the challenges we face in our own vehicles in our short daily commute to work, gym, school or other destinations.

Few are aware of the challenges faced by truck drivers driving 24/7 across our vast road network of 750 000 km, delivering the commodities we need daily.

We believe that an informed road user is a safer road user. A better understanding of our mutual challenges will allow us to adjust our driving, reduce risk and make roads safer. By recognizing those who ‘go the extra mile’ for safe driving we could also motivate others towards safer road behaviour. 

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By Arrive Alive

Image by CILTSA 

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