Foreign Pastors operating successful business-churches in South Africa

Is there something called business-church? Can a church be a business? Why? How? How do we justify millions and billions that are donated by the poor who remain poor or become poorer still?

When I was a media and public relations Executive I learned about one South African based church led by a foreign pastor. This is because the PR company I worked for represented that church. What puzzled me was that the church had the same business structure as our other corporate clients. I learnt about their various departments, ranging from Finance, Transport, Marketing, Administration, Call Centre, Human Resources, etc.

It became very difficult for me to separate the church from a business! But I can’t criticise one and ignore countless others who apply business strategies that speak to profit and financial growth and not humanitarian or spiritual objectives.

Maybe I should ask why these foreign pastors, men of miracles who claim to have all the power, are based in South Africa, a country that offers better opportunities than their own countries. Why would a man of God leave his own country that needs prayer more than South Africa? Where they come from, there are wars, poverty, economic instability and famine.

Why are they failing to command those problems to go away using their powers in their own countries? Or is it easier to perform miracles in SA because it is more economically stable (and therefore more lucrative) than their countries?

Is this an export and import of Christianity to Christians?

Lastly, are all these pastors really called by God to preach the gospel of truth or are these churches merely money making schemes with the sole purpose of benefitting from unsuspecting South Africans?

By Vusi Jiyana 

Photo by D99ic

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