First-off 2020

The first salvo of the New Year: The attack on foreign nationals is not on Mzansi! We are making ourselves a laughing stock of the world. Pan-Africanism is the way to go. Africa starts in Egypt, Cairo, to the southern-most tip of the continent in South Africa, Cape Town, and from Senegal, Dakar, in the west to Somalia, Mogadishu, in the east – comprising 54 countries in total. It’s about time we – all of us – start to accept the reality that we are one. 

Granted, our government has failed to manage our porous borders and the issue of migrants in general, that’s a topic for another day because we need people at the helm of government who can address the issue of migrants once and for all.

By Pat Maseko

Photo by: Ashraf Hendricks/Groundup

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