Fake or Fantasy

I saw a video of Criss Angel (An American Magician) walking on water. He’s the only man in the world who can walk on water. But he does not walk on water by the power of the holy spirit.

Magicians do not operate by the power of the Holy Spirit, they use the power of fallen Angels. If Criss Angel can study the Bible for three months, then come to South Africa and open a Church. Call his magic “miracles” and they will see him walking on water with his magic powers and call it a miracle. He will have the biggest Church in the world. 

South Africans want to be in a cinema where they perform miracles. They don’t care about the spirit behind the miracle. Genuine Christians who are led by the spirit of God are not after miracles, they are after the spirit of God. If they discern that the spirit behind the miracle is not the spirit of God they will leave. Magic captures the minds of those who follow the flesh. 

By Kingsley NkwatseImage: The Girl who Walk on Water: Adult Life

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