Evasion, Fabrication and Falsehood (EFF)

In a series of rants that didn’t spare journalists or politicians, EFF leader Julius Malema vociferously attacked Pravin Gordhan, calling him racist and an agent of ‘White Monopoly Capital’.

Pravin Gordhan’s eldest daughter Anisha Gordhan, was not to be spared in Malema’s vitriolics and lunatic ramblings. Malema accused Anisha, of having done business with the State, through what Malema called her ‘company’, Vox Telecommunications, which was awarded well over R80 million worth of contracts by government.
But Malema’s claims are bogus and not based on facts. While indeed VoxTel, the largest Internet company in South Africa, did business with government, Anisha Gordhan would not have gained any financial benefit as she was a Non-Executive Director of the company.
Malema claims that VoxTel belongs to Anisha Gordhan (‘Anisha’s Business’ as Malema calls it) and it was registered after Pravin became Minister of Finance. But that is not true.
Anisha Gordhan did not own, in any stretch of the imagination, VoxTel, rather she was employed rather at Investec which had a major shareholding stake in VoxTel.
Investec, along with its shareholders, Rand Merchant Bank and Lereto Métier Private Equity, purchased VoxTel for R452 million.

This is the reason why the company registration date reflects as 2011, coinciding with Pravins’ appointment as Financial Minister in 2009, which gave Malema false claims that it was registered ‘shortly’ after Pravin was appointed Minister. It was two years after rather than ‘shortly’ as Malema wants us to believe.

Anisha’s position as Non-Executive Director of VoxTel was as a result of her employment by Investec, which required some of Investec Executives to fill up the board membership of VoxTel as a major shareholder of the Company.
This is standard corporate practice of which Malema seems to be ignorant. Non-Executive Directors in simple terms are board members.

The SAA is another SOE which has literally run out of money and will need a bail-out of R5 billion, just after the R10 billion it received in December 2017.

Boards conduct oversight and ensure good governance but are not paid dividends from company shares, so for Malema to accuse her of having benefited from VoxTel in anyway is false. Moreover Anita’s salary only reflects her employment at Investec.
Anita resigned from Investec in 2017, thus nullifying her non-executive position in VoxTel.
All the claims by Malema and the EFF have been proven false, misleading and inaccurate.
Pravin Gordhan must sue the hell out of this red beret poser and his EFF chorus for Crimen injuria, defamation and attack on his family.

By Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo

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