Democracy tainted by ANC greed

My people’s fundamental problem with the debate about the land issue is simply this … in the last 25 years everything that the ANC has touched has become a disaster. The track record of corruption throughout the period of their administration has resulted in increased national debt, the bankruptcy of SOE’s, 90% of the municipalities, the destruction of hospitals and health care, the destruction of the education system to the point where a government school matric and even a university degree is virtually meaningless. 

We have witnessed the implosion of PRASA, SAA, SABC, ESKOM. Our effluent treatment systems are on the brink of collapse as are are roads and other infrastructure. They sit back while gullible elements of our society burn schools, buildings, loot foreign owned shops, murder at will, steal at will and we think land will solve these problems? … it will not! There are very successful nations on this planet where land ownership is not a prerequisite for the establishment of human dignity or even wealth. 

It can thus be safely assumed that the land issue will not be handled correctly because in fact for 25 years the ANC has twiddled their thumbs in sorting out a proper land policy. All of a sudden there is this urgency to expropriate land without compensation? … when in fact land is useless if the rest of the other issues mentioned above are not in order and properly run. 

The blame for this state of affairs lies squarely at the door of the ANC and their destructive socialist ideology and foolish cadre deployment policy that allows incompetent persons to be appointed to strategic and important positions. The backlash contained in the comments are merely the voices of frustration and the recognition that it is an incompetent greedy racist regime in the guise of a ‘democratic’ liberation movement that has stolen the future of millions of Mzansi citizens. Even if all the land was nationalised or handed over to the black population it would not solve the structural demise of the country. 

The land issue is a huge smoke screen which hides the real failure of the ANC which is that they have destroyed a viable nation by greed, arrogance and stupidity of the highest order.

By Siyanda M. Maphalala

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