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Dear Entrepreneurs

Big business or individuals that have achieved a certain level of success do not really care about your business. They don’t care about the emotional aspect of why or how you started your business.

If their mandate is not funding, they will partner, collaborate and work with you only if you are adding value to what they do. You must always check if your values are the same as those of the people or person you want to partner with. When approaching a company or an individual, study and investigate them, establish exactly what they do and what they stand for.

If I am running a company that wants people to stop smoking. I cannot partner with a cigarette company. Unless the idea is for them to fund the anti-smoking campaign which is something they might do to be seen to be responsible. The point is always try to partner collaborate with those you share the same values with.

Always remember there are companies and individuals that made it big without the assistance of individuals or businesses. It is not always the case that those you think are important for your success will prove to be so.

Whatever collaborations or partnerships you have, you will have to put in the work to make it workable. Your business depends on you to succeed. You need to be like a bird that will sit on the branch of a tree. The bird is not comforted by the strength of the tree branches but by the ability of its wings if the tree branches fall off and it needs to escape to avoid any harm. 

Keep going, seek out those partnerships and collaborations but always remember when all is said and done,

Your success depends on you.

By Zonkezakhe Mahlangu 

Image credit: Cytonn Photography/Pexels

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