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Muvhusi Tshilimandila also known as Mtc Cracker, is the founder of Creatives Makhado, a platform created in 2014 to be the voice and platform for local creatives. The vision has always been to shine the spotlight on upcoming talented artists. The platform Creatives Makhado, has grown and now reaches a monthly audience of 60K – 70K, showcasing the works of young, upcoming artists in arts, music, fashion, photography.

Creatives Makhado is the only platform in SA that puts creatives first both illustrating the works of young urban talent and also partnering with event organisers across the country to promote artists. Creatives Makhado also hosts Art and Music workshops, bringing in motivational speakers to empower budding artists on the challenges of bringing their creative business to life. After hosting the first workshop in Polokwane (35 attendees), the second one in Pretoria (90 attendees). The next one is Johannesburg in April 2020, then Durban and lastly Cape Town. The aim of the workshops is to give artists free knowledge about their creative careers and also to provide a space for them to showcase their work and engage with other artists.

Creatives Makhado has a large team focusing on finding talented artists, promoting them and helping them understand the South African creative industry. Creatives Makhado is a go-to destination for South Africa’s young artists. The focus is on everything creative and look for fresh young talent every day. Talented artists send their emails and Creatives Makhado watch videos, go through music online and attend events. The intention is to promote the platform to reach all people, in every street or village in South Africa, so that all struggling artists can know about a platform that can help them get greater exposure.

The mission is to serve upcoming artists with a platform (tools, resources, education and exposure) needed to thrive and succeed in their creative careers.Creatives Makhado believes that every artist deserves the right to be seen, heard, felt and loved. About 70 – 80% of upcoming South African artists have no idea on how to get their work out there. This platform is to empower and uplift the talented kids.

Photo by Mtc Cracker

By Muvhusi Tshilimandila 

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