Choice? Affirmation or Denigration

A flurry of law suits involving the person charged with protecting us is highlighted against the backdrop of the Zondo commission as well as some questions whether we as South Africans deserve the heroes we ought to have. (Ace in the ATMCorruption BarometerFit for office?Heroes).

But what can ordinary South Africans do – do the right thing and say no to corruption. One community facing their own disruption, joined forces (Sparring partners) to try to find a way out of the malaise. 

President Ramaphosa and the ANC is also under fire (It’s not just about youANC Government induced inequalityLooking down the periscopeOf puppets and puppeteers. Can President Ramaphosa get rid of corruption? Should he be given a chance? (Slowly, slowly).

A regular contributor gave his diagnosis of the South African economic problems in Mzansi Monopoly – no game. Uownit-SA is a platform for you to voice your opinion on SA’s economic problems and we would like more of our opinionistas to offer suggestions.

In our Lifestyle and NPO & CSI sections books are the focus. In September the popular South African Book Fair will be held at Constitution Hill (Johannesburg). The Fair has something for everyone, from philosophers, to writers, to readers, as well as the whole family. 

While eagerly anticipating the BookFair, look out for the 12 year old philanthropist, activist, public speaker and youngest international multiple award-winning author of Chapter Books, Stacey Fru. She is appealing for sponsorships for the Annual ‘AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards 2019’ in various categories. Stacey focuses on teaching children to read and write while sponsoring her foundation offers sponsors an opportunity for international exposure for vital grass-roots involvement. Again, here is another positive option in making a difference in our country that so badly needs more positivity.

Acknowledging a problem is half-way to solving it!

Believing in a solution is half-way to achieving it!

Positivity is fundamental to both.

The Uonwit-SA Team

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