Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng takes off! #InhumaneCapital

The 1stof March 2019 marked the new beginning for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng.

Child Welfare South Africa is the Biggest Child Protection Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa. A stalwart in South African communities when it comes to fighting for abandoned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children and assisting children in education and life skills, and awareness programmes to prepare them to cope and deal with the dangers children from all social backgrounds face. Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng hosted “THE BIG LAUNCH” at their new offices situated on 63 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg.

The purpose of the launch was to introduce the NEW VISION in effective Service Delivery and Support for the Many Affiliates of Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng going forward. The KEY role of a provincial office in Child Welfare South Africa is to ensure that our affiliates receive support, mentoring and guidance in order to effectively render child care and protection services in their communities. The Staff of Child Welfare South Africa Affiliates undertake many duties and responsibilities when it comes to protecting our children. It can be quite overwhelming at times when helping the vulnerable and this is where our role as a provincial office is vital. We aim at providing the necessary Training and Support that our Affiliates in Gauteng require in order to effectively deal with the challenges they face working within child care and protection. 

Further to Providing Training and Support Services to our Affiliates it is imperative that the Provincial Office also Advocate and Lobby for changes within the Legal, National, Provincial, Government, Social Development policies, procedures, legislation that protect Children and their Rights. The dangers that children face have changed tremendously and is still changing at a fast moving pace. It is therefore our Role and Responsibility to work with our Affiliates as a joined Forum to develop strategies to meet these challenges. We have to engage with our communities to ensure that they are actively involved in preventing abuse, neglect, exploitation, trafficking and the many dangers our vulnerable children are exposed to.  WHEN A CHILD IS ABUSED, RAPED, ABANDONED, EXPLOITED OR TRAFFICKED – IT’S TOO LATE!!! IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE ACT PRO-ACTIVELY IN PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION AND AWARENESS!!

In this Digital age, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, children are exposed more actively to a variety of dangers. We can not turn back the clock, we need to be vigilant and pro-active and step up to the mark as Parents, Care Givers and Social Servants to equip ourselves to Protect our Children. Social Media, Internet, Cell Phones, Ipads, Note Pads, Laptops, Computers are a part of our everyday lives which exposes our children to the HANUS Crimes like Child Trafficking, Sex, Drugs, Pornography and Cyber Crimes. BE PRO-ACTIVE! 


#CWSAICETAGS is a durable and fashionable wrist band that every child and adult can wear with a unique member number and emergency call centre number. The secure database holds information that links the Child to the Parent. 
#SASOS is a cell phone application that acts as backup and support to the wrist band, that the moment a child with a wrist band or a wrist band is found, the CHILDWELFARE button is pressed that immediately alerts the control room that a child has been found or abducted. 

Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng, ICETAGS and SASOS collaborated to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!

The Ambassadors in Support of Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng:

  1. Adventure Man – Gaven Sinclair – HE HAS COMMITTED TO “THE BIG SWIM” ON 11 April 2019, 460km from Mozambique to Madagascar to Raise FUNDS and AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS

  2. Mrs. Africa Transcontinental – Reinette Herbst Boshoff that will continue Raising AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS 

  3. Mrs. Johannesburg 2019 – Shamila Ramjawan that will continue Raising AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS 

  4. Ms. Africa Elite – Naledi Ram that will continue Raising AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS 

  5. Health and Wellness Coach and competing athlete – Katinka Kruger that will continue Raising AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS 

  6. Strongman – Gerhard Van Staden (who was unable to attend the event due to a motorcycle accident – we wish him a speedy recovery) that will continue Raising AWARENESS for Child Welfare South Africa Gauteng and #InhumaneCapital #CWSAICETAGS #SASOS 

We would also like to thank the public for all their support Child Welfare South Africa affiliates have received throughout the years.

If anybody would like to make a contribution no matter how big or small, they may contact our Chairperson Angelique McAdam on 0833251013, the Assistant Director Delaine Naidoo on 0813355265 or email

Images provided by CWSA Gauteng

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