By their fruits you will know them Matt 7:16

Does anyone wonder why other churches are banned in certain countries?

In April 2018, Paul Kagame did just that when he closed, not hundreds, but thousands of churches in Rwanda. He exclaimed, ‘700 Churches in Kigali, Rwandan’s capital, alone! Are these boreholes that give people water? I don’t think we have as many as 700 boreholes. Do we even have as many factories? This has been a mess.’

It was not because Kagame hated Christians, but his targetted bogus churches, that were nothing but money making schemes to steal from poor Rwandans.

In South Africa, there has been an upsurge in bogus churches – popping up everywhere, fleecing the gullible thus robbing the unsuspecting poor congregants of their hard earned money. Pastor Bushiri, who is no stranger to controversy and who was recently arrested on charges of fraud and money laundering, is known to charge his guests from R1 000 – R25 000 to sit at his table – Jesus did it for free.

Africa and especially South Africa, have been a dumping place for these fake churches who take advantage of our government’s lack-lustre efforts to regulate these out of control, bogus churches, where congregants are made to eat grass, rat poison, hair, snakes, drink petrol and sprayed with pesticides!

But did anyone expect the ANC regime to put a stop to the malice of these bogus churches, while it cannot run its own (state) affairs properly?

Recently, a bogus Pastor of the Aleluia Ministries International – a certain Alph Lukah – has appeared on a video that has since went viral, allegedly ‘resurrecting’ an allegedly dead body (which by all accounts was staged). Paedocide (faking death) itself is not illegal as far as I know – but there are legal consequences that can lead to criminal activity, like faking a death certificate or falsely claiming an insurance payout.

These charlatans take advantage of loopholes to fool their gullible congregants who take everything at face value and question nothing.

The only efforts by the ANC regime to regulate these bogus churches was through the Commission For Rights of Cultural Religious & Linguistic Commission in 2018, which achieved very little and was sadly useless – like many other commisions out there. Its high time regulations are brought in to curb the rise of these bogus churches.


By Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo

Image by fsHHfrom Pixabay

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