Burn, my Beloved Country

Black people are the only people who burn schools, hospitals and other property. This happens because previously black people saw the country’s infrastructure as the property of white people because they were not allowed to have access to the country’s infrastructure.

It’s easy for black people to destroy public property because black people never had and still don’t have a sense of ownership as far as public property is concerned. Well, those who are educated have a sense of ownership but the majority are illiterate and semi-literate. They still believe that when you burn a hospital you are hurting the government because they believe that the hospital belongs to the government. They don’t understand that they are the government and the ANC is their servant.

The best way to reduce the destruction of public infrastructure is to instil a sense of ownership in black people by reminding them that their forefathers participated in building the country’s infrastructure. Let them know that the infrastructure they are destroying today is a product of the sweat, blood and the hard labour of their forefathers. Nobody honours his ancestors more than an African man. By merely visualising his forefathers working hard under the extreme heat of the African sun to build a certain hospital, school or any other building, he will never again think about destroying it because when he looks at that building he sees the legacy and hard work of his father!

By Kingsley Nkwatse

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