Best CEOs

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg created their own multi-billion dollar companies from scratch. Because of their entrepreneurial and business management skills they are among the richest business men in the world. Without any doubt, they are the best CEOs in the world. 

But even if you could employ Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to manage Eskom, they wouldn’t be able to solve Eskom’s problems because Eskom does not have administration problems. Eskom has corruption and political problems. The problem of Eskom and other SOEs is the ANC. 

If you want to solve the problems of all state owned enterprises, don’t remove the CEOs because they are not the cause of their downfall, remove the ANC because the ANC is the Alpha and the Omega of the downfall of all state owned enterprises.

By Kingsley Nkwatse 

Image: www.vecteezy.com

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