Highway Heroes and Road Safety

It is near impossible to imagine a world without trucks. The trucking industry keeps our economy on the move with our truck drivers navigating their large vehicles, sharing roads with an often less responsible motoring public. On the Arrive Alive website, we emphasize the importance of all road users to share roads with kindness and […]


Corruption in Uniform

Corruption Watch’s new report, Corruption in Uniform, released today, looks at the alarming levels of corruption in policing in South Africa. Since the organisation’s inception in 2012, some 1 400 members of the public have felt concerned enough to share their experiences of corruption at the hands of the police. The leading categories of corruption from […]


Smoke and mirrors

#ZimbabweAndSADCSetUpToFail For a while now, I have been speaking about the economic warfare that is targeted at Zimbabwe and how it was designed to destroy the nation’s capacity to decolonise, rise and develop through using its own resources. But what I haven’t stressed enough is the fact that Zimbabwe has actually been under this economic […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Jumping ship

Naspers abandons its home, another episode to compound SA’s economic woes In what could be perceived as continued injustice towards victims of apartheid, international capital along with developed countries and the local comprador class continue to sell the sweat and scars of black workers for a penny. Apartheid South Africa was an incubator that exploited […]


When there is smoke where are the mirrors?

Employers – from SMEs to multi-nationals, the companies providing employment will always be under scrutiny and frequently, subject to harsh criticism. As South Africans wait with baited breath for the floodgates to open regarding ending corruption in State Owned Enterprises, and after the alarming revelations at Steinhoff, one of our opinion pieces this month, Jumping ship, […]