Active Citizenship

Corruption Watch has today launched an awareness campaign to highlight the need for greater transparency, merit-based criteria and public participation in the appointment of key leadership positions, most notably in the anti-corruption institutions that constitute the pillars of our democracy.  During 2019 and 2020, three of these institutions will require new leaders, namely the executive […]


Scratch the surface

Media in South Africa needs to understand the influence of media on our people. If one takes a proper look at what is currently happening in our country, you will notice how the media falsely communicated what was happening in Tshwane. As Thabo Mbeki said, the fight was against crime (drug dealing) which ended up […]



Mzanzi is fed up with corruption and all the … that goes with it. Corruption Watch launched an awareness campaign for greater transparency, merit-based criteria and public participation in the appointment of key leadership positions. Visit the link in the article and complete the survey – be an Active Citizen. The ConCourt ruled that spanking your […]


Xenophobia debacle

The irony though in this xenophobic attack debacle, is the FACT that government has failed in its own strategy in dealing with illegal immigrants, corruption of its own officials as well as the crime pandemic especially the drug issue we are now crying foul about. Why haven’t you South Africans gone to protest at your […]


Who judges the judges?

The judiciary and the media in SA present a serious conundrum for our young democracy – the institutions are deemed incorruptible and insulated from corruption and error of judgment.  But the presentation before the judges by this individual (see video) reveals what could be termed one of the biggest fears in the project of entrenching […]


Protect our sisters

South African black women are crying out against women and child abuse in huge numbers. In May 2019 they had a choice to vote for a government that can eradicate crime, but because social grants are more important than their safety and security, they voted for criminals who have countless rape accusations against them?  You […]


A rose by any other name

If we have to be gagged for free speech then this is the time. Minister Tito Mboweni released a document called ‘Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa’ and the phenomenon of numerical majority (blacks) being dominated by a cultural majority (whites) is entrenched. The document refers to the […]