Dare to dream

Staring at the world through my rear view mirror, I am seeing nothing but my dreams coming true. Now I know the answer to the question, do dreams come true? As I celebrate my birthday, I found it necessary to reflect from where I have been, to where I am at and where I am going.  […]


Promoting literacy

When the President announced the COVID-19 lockdown at the end of March, I got worried about how best I could reach out to children around the world and motivate them. As a Literacy Activist I came up with a plan to read my books to children. But that was not enough, so I decided to […]


Mental Health in Isolation

For some people, this current lockdown because of Covid-19 has meant time off in our country. Time to spend connecting with loved ones.  Twenty-one days away from work to focus on other things. Bliss!  Like that exercising you have been putting off for the last however many years, it feels like you can finally lose […]


IT, Science and Biology

Unlike Bill Gates, my knowledge of Health and IT is very limited, and I am trying to make sense of the current situation without following untested theories.  I am therefore asking those with knowledge to assist. I have few questions. From the general knowledge perspective we know that viruses are made by people in order […]



From 17 March, they would have to share our study room; a 24 m²space that we have since used as a study area. We would have to fit two more reading tables with a computer each. Our situation seems more complicated because on the other hand, our 10 and 8-year-olds who attend a four-term school […]


Pandemic blindness

For many years millions of poor people all over the world have been dying from hunger and malnutrition but it has never received the same attention as the Coronavirus. The reason is because poverty and hunger are not contagious like Coronavirus, and therefore they don’t affect the rich. Coronavirus received this attention because it affects […]


The Writing is on the Wall

Corruption Watch released its latest annual corruption report. Titled The Writing is on the Wall,it shows how throughout 2019, the public continued to expose corrupt individuals intent on abusing their power and looting public resources in key sectors. The 3 694 whistle-blower reports in 2019 highlighted how individuals were robbed of access to their fundamental right […]