Seeing is believing – YouTube video stories for young learners!

Reading Matters, a leading distributor and supplier of educational books and resources in South Africa, is pleased to announce the addition of a wonderful collection of YouTube video stories for young learners, on their website! Established in 1997, Reading Matters has worked tirelessly at promoting language and literacy in South Africa alongside READ Educational Trust, […]


2020 Positivity

Twenty-twenty will be remembered for various reasons – some people lost loved ones, others lost financial stability and some gained prosperity. I am one of the fortunate who gained prosperity beyond my expectations. I used lockdown to focus on myself, to talk to myself to spend time with myself. Selfcare is something that few people […]


Blame game

In the 70s Zanu-PF blamed whites for excluding blacks from the Zimbabwean economy.  In 1980 Zanu-PF became the ruling party and excluded poor blacks from the economy.  In the late 90s Zanu-PF blamed white owned companies for being the sole reason why blacks are poor and subsequently nationalised all white owned companies.  After taking total […]


Racialised suffering

Even though the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) and National Testing Agency (NTA) decisions put people’s lives at risk, it’s hard to blame them. This pandemic affects every industry, but now there are industries which continue with business and making money, but others like SANTACO are given terms that are actually contrary to the […]



On Tuesday, 30 June Corruption Watch (CW) made a submission to the draft Public Procurement Bill in response to National Treasury’s gazetted call for comments. The organisation has received over 30 000 reports alleging corruption since it launched in 2012. Of these reports, 9% relate to corruption in procurement, particularly in local and provincial government departments. […]

Business & Entrepreneurship

Brands of Afrika

We are an e-commerce website that sells African products. We are a first Dark Store in the African continent. A Dark Store refers to a retail outlet or distribution centre that caters exclusively for online shopping. We have partnered with Cedway Logistics Ltd. They will be transporting refrigerated and non-refrigerated products to our clients.  This partnership […]


Taxi business deserves better

South Africa is quick to dismiss what it already has as inadequate or insufficient. It has even adopted such things as Uber to try and solve the national transportation challenges. However, the ghost-like American company is not really geared for the South African environment in totality. Uber has thus proven to be grossly unsustainable for […]