Safe Overtaking and Road Safety

Introduction and treat to Road Safety The seemingly simple manoeuvre of overtaking/ passing other vehicles accounts for a high rate of fatalities on South African roads. Passing stationary vehicles is a rather simple movement and does not present too many problems for most drivers. Overtaking moving vehicles is a different matter and requires skill, experience […]


Medicate for profit

HIV was identified in the 1980s, we are currently in 2018, which means 3 decades later – no cure has been found. Either we have dumb scientists or there is something fishy going on here. We have phones that can bend around our arms and detect our heartbeats yet an old dilapidated virus from the […]


Haibo! No more tjo-tjo?!

Thankfully, not one, not two but three concurrent commissions of enquiry offer a glimmer of hope to restoring South Africa’s credibility…and hopefully invest-ability. The bad news is that we probably won’t be able to catch the wave.  The depraved corruption being exposed at these commissions and hopefully to be swiftly addressed by our new damsel […]


Barefoot Wedding

A true celebration of life has no knowledge of race, gender, status or wealth. Cultural heritage is honoured as much as unequivocal love. And when love is honoured above all else, there is purity – captured in these images by Little Things Photography at Jan and Stephanie’s Barefoot Wedding.  By Tammy Mccarter Photography by Tammy […]