Success has a million fathers

The recent trend of suicidal patterns amongst university students highlights the unsupportive nature of elite universities in South Africa. Considered ‘thought leaders’, universities behave as if they are World class institutions that fail to meet African needs. Lack of class transition financial management skills. The knowledge offered at our universities continues to produce indebted individuals, […]


Kwaito will never die

‘There are so many trends today that I’m not a part of because my music is a lifestyle. I Live It! It’s not me it’s the streets. It’s not noise it’s their voice.” Kwaito is the voice for the youth in southern Africa but its being overlooked by gate keepers who don’t understand what the […]


Loving me

Loving what we do not know surely is a flaw we all have as humans I think. Longing can be a very dangerous emotion, one powerful enough to build and destroy all in the same breath. We lose what we have not learnt to hold dear to our hearts for that which piques our imaginations, […]